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Cleaning & Hygiene

Our objective is to provide comprehensive Cleaning and Hygiene services that are customised to suit the requirements of each client.
We will conduct cleaning of the clients premises in such a way as to:
- Maintain a clean and safe environment for all users
- Maintain a hygienic environment to the dining and kitchen areas
- Maintain a responsive cleaning service to suit our clients needs, specifically in environments such as hospitals and schools
- Maintain a pest free environment
- Allow clients the efficient and effective operational use of facilities
- Promote a positive image of the client’s premises to all its customers, employees and members of the public.
At GFM we strive to innovate and improve our services by continually reviewing and improving our working practices together with the utilisation of new technology. Fundamental to this is the provision of effective and appropriate equipment together with a consummate level of training to our staff, ensuring that each and every employee is correctly inducted to fully understand and implement exceptional and consistent results with our enhanced cleaning performance regime. 

GFM directly employed staff will carry out all cleaning; with the use of sub-contractors only employed when specialist skills or equipment is required, such as high-level external window cleaning utilising the skills of abseiling teams.